Writing Prompt: “Funnel”

I thought I’d try something new, and do one of the writing prompts from the Daily Post! The prompt today was “funnel”. Here’s my little story:



Beth reached out, taking the paper tray from the smiling vendor. The funnel cake was piping hot, and the sugar on top glittered as it melted and crystallized.

“Thank you!” she said, but the vendor was already taking another order from the next person in line and didn’t respond. The summer festival was extra busy this year, and the line for the food truck was ten people deep.

Beth took a bite out of the sweet cake as she walked over to a less crowded spot at the edge of the walkway. She scanned the crowd for Jacob, but didn’t see him among the throng of festival goers. She had promised to wait for him at the food truck, and she knew he would be back any minute.

She tore off a strip of cake and was about to stuff it in her mouth when she heard Jacob’s shout.

“Beth! Here. Sorry it took so long. The crowd is crazy!” He jogged up to her and handed her a soda in a large paper cup.

Beth smiled. “You’re just in time.” She poked the piece of funnel cake toward Jacob’s mouth, and he chomped it with an exaggerated OM NOM sound. He grinned, and Beth couldn’t hold back a giggle.

Together they ate the cake and sipped their sodas, planning which rides to try next.

So that was pretty fun! 🙂 I hope those kids don’t get sugar shock from all those sweets, lol. 

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